Hemoporphyric Voracity

by Headless, Hemoporphyric Voracity, Single



Josh Leigh - Vocals
Luke Helgesen - Guitar
Rob Leggit - Bass
Nick Karamitanis - Drums

Recorded and Mixed by Nick Woods


Hemoporphyric Voracity

I crave the blood, need the taste,
Consume life, Devine

Everyday I rise agonised with paroxysms of pain
Tearing through my body as if I was burning from the inside

The only important thing, getting my fix
Without fresh blood I will not make the day,
I am sanguine, a creature of blood
All beings to me in turn are prey

Veins turn to dust, anhydrously decrepit
My heart, my broken core, it needs to be replenished
The fuel that I require,
delicious, viscous and warm
Essence of life, just the thought sets my eyes ablaze

Without this precious liquid I'll surely not survive another day, until I've had my fill I cannot rest or I will fade... away

I yearn to butcher, bash, bleed and feed

Once I have begun the massacre ensues
Sudden rush of power, end of control
A taste for death so intense, consuming my life, my existence

Oh f#%k how I live for it
lust for the sound of slicing skin
To see the first drop of blood weep from
The aching wound

The scent, the taste, exacerbates the innate primal drive as I spiral into frenzy
I love to see their tears, my efforts are unparalleled I endeavour to savour the screams as I bleed the vessel dry

I butcher and destroy, stalking and haunting the streets until I must rest again

I covet the sweet scent of innocence asepsis ensnares me most, takes my bated breath away

Grabbed from behind, throat sliced with knife, I bathe in the glorious gushing arterial spray
So climactic, sucking the juices from severed aorta
Tonguing the drained heart, gorging on the meaty remains
Like making love but tearing to death
I thrust my hands deep into the chest
Consumed by this infinite puzzle as it unfolds before me

Tearing at my face I cannot feel anything
What am I? Is this real? Is anything?
This desire had spawned insanity
Mindless indulgence will always end fatally

My veins they burn, my skin is on fire, this blood was bad, I've lost myself

Eating my own flesh, draining myself to death


released 07 November 2014



all rights reserved


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